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SKC Japan has made the possession of the amazing vehicles easy and fast like never before. The purchase of your own automobile is now just a matter of few easy steps.

  • Select the vehicle of your choice:

Choose the vehicle you want to purchase. Our car search engine will help you explore through our catalogue. Our website also offers personalized research in accordance with your requirements, demands, liking and preferences. Comprehensive photos and specifications can be seen for every single item in our archive.

Link for the search engine: https://www.skcjapan.com/used-cars/

  • Click on either options: “free quote” or “buy now”:

The second step would be to choose from the two options: “free quotes”: for clients who have registered but have no purchase history with SKC Japan and new clients who are not yet registered.

After choosing the automobile you’d like to purchase, make sure you input correct details regarding your country or port as the shipping charges will be determined accordingly. Once all details are confirmed, you will receive the Performa invoice.

Note: your reservation will then be reviewed by our sales representative before you receive the Performa Invoice. We will be contacting you via email or phone call, if there are other necessary details that we need or if there is some error in your reservation.

  • Payment method:
  1. Once you receive your Performa Invoice via email, print it out.

Note: we strongly warn our customers against Fake payment emails. Make sure you pay only to Invoice from our respective email address.


  1. The payment is due within 5 working days after you receive the Performa Invoice.

-Bank wire transfer (telegraphic transfer):

All customers are required to send money only to SKC Co. Ltd beneficiary accounts in Japan. The accounts that you’ll need to pay to, will be mentioned in the Performa invoice.

-Our banking details are as follows:

Beneficiary Name: S.K Co. LTD
Branch: 081
Branch Address: 3-14-5Narihira Tokyo Japan
swift code: BOTKJPJT
Account Number: 0278552

As soon as you finish the process of payment, please scan your confirmation receipt of payment and send its copy to us via email or fax:
fax: +81-45-290-9486.

We, at SKC are obliged not to start with the process of your shipment until we have confirmation of the full payment being made. Full payment is required for you to receive your car, based on the mutual agreement between the company and our clients. For further information about shipping and payment, please refer to Terms and Conditions.

  • CANCELLATION: in case the full payment is not confirmed by the due date, we will be forced to cancel your order and your partial payments (if any) will be returned to you. To avoid any disruption and to make your experience a satisfactory one, we strongly advise you to make the payment within the given time.
    Shortly after, we’ll make sure that you receive information about your order’s booking details and other necessary shipping information via email.
    Next you will need to login to your account page in SKC Japan and confirm the date of Departure and Arrival for your shipment through “my account” page on our website.
    After we ship your car to the port address provided by you, we will send you all necessary original documents by DHL carrier.
    Please make arrangements to receive your car at your provided destination to avoid any inconvenience.

IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS– The necessary documents that you must receive in order to claim your car are as follows:

– Export certificate:
the original export certificate (Japanese)
English Export Certificate (translation is provided by SKC Japan)

– Customs invoice:
this document is for your local customs departments to verify the value of your vehicle.

– Bill of Landing: (BOL)
you need this bill in order to receive your car at the port of destination (POD).
a few other documents may be required depending on your country’s regulations. Kindly provide our sales frontmen for additional documents when they ask this of you.

    please contact your local customs office or clearing agent to complete the process, and finally receive your car.
    Note that our company is not related to all or any other websites other than the one provided here, for we are aware that there do exist fake websites and emails falsely using SKC Japan’s name.
    FOB: free-on-board:
    FOB is the cost of the vehicle except the ocean freight. If you buy the vehicle at this price, the amount only includes the cost of the vehicle and the expenses until loading on the ship in Japan.
  • C&F: Cost and Freight:
    CIF: Cost, Insurance and Freight.
    This is the cost of the vehicle including all expenses in Japan and during ocean freight. Please feel free to ask for our help, if you need insurance for the vehicle.
  • T: Telegraphic Transfer/ Wire Transfer:
    T.T is considered to be the best method of payment because it’s fast and safe. ffective mode of sending money. You can transfer money by Telegraphic Transfer at most of the major banks, which is the most efficient way of money transfer.
  • L/C: Letter of Credit:
    Please contact your nearest bank about the document as we receive letters of credit at sight for selected countries.

SKC Japan’s standard conditions of trade are as follows:

Unless otherwise stated, An automobile is usually reserved for 3 business days, unless specified differently.

The minimum percentage of payment required within the reserved time period is 50%. Non-fulfillment of this requirement will force the company towards the cancellation of the order.

Shipping procedure will begin once we receive your deposit agreed on mutually between the customer (you) and SKC Japan (us).
We’ll send you all the documents via courier (DHL, FedEx), as soon as we have your full payment in our record.

We will receive letters of credit at sight from selected countries.

Scanned copy of TT will be an essential requirement after payment in order to avoid any delay of shipping or document composition.


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